Medical Adaptation Electricians

Medical adaptations to your property Who is eligible for a medical adaptation? If you are disabled and living in States rental property, you may require an adaptation or item of equipment to assist you in your daily living. What does the process involve? If you are finding aspects of your daily living difficult due to an illness or medical condition, your doctor may write to the Assisted Living Team with their concerns. Alternatively, your carer, district nurse or healthcare worker may make an application to us on your behalf. Only adaptations appropriate for your specific needs will be considered. An occupational therapist will visit your home to assess your particular needs. They will then send us their report and assessment of adaptations or equipment that may be required in your home. If it is a simple measure that is required, such as a handrail or bathboard installation, this will be carried out by an appointed contractor as soon as possible. However, if it is a more complex adaptation then you may be visited by a maintenance officer from the Housing Department to assess the scope of work involved. Is there a cost? There is always a cost for any adaptation. Some may be very expensive due to the complexity of the equipment required. It may take some time before the full cost is obtained. More expensive work may need to go out to tender. Means test All tenants whose rent is paid either partially or in full by Income Support will not be means tested for any adaptation. Required adaptations will be carried out if the tenant is not in rental arrears. All other tenants are required to pay the full cost of any adaptation within their home. You will be advised, in writing, of the full cost of the adaptation and will need to confirm if you wish to proceed. No adaptation can be carried out until payment has been received and cleared by your bank account. If you feel you are unable to pay the full cost at any time, you are invited to make an appeal to the Assisted Living Manager. When making an appeal you should provide the following details; a letter detailing your reason for the appeal all sole/joint financial documents bank statements details of income details of savings/investments A full reveiw of your personal circumstances will be undertaken and you will be advised of the departments decision. If you are unhappy with the decision a further appeal can be made to the Housing Minister. If would like further information on medical adaptations, contact the Assisted Living Team.


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