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working the weekend usually is the ideal way to spend you saturdays, i would rather be attending some sporting occassion or heading to the cinema for some nachos and popcorn. But when rewires come up its important to have a rewire comeplete as soon as it is possible to do so.

Wes electrical rewiring a 4 bedroom house in clarkston glasgow, it has took us 4 days to get it ready to test, which is the part of the job that can be most enjoyble but it also tells you any mistakes that have been make or other wise so you can understand that this is an important part of the job.

firstly going to test the final ring circuit of the downstairs ring circuit, we have 10 sockets on this ring with no spurs off of it. Going to test 1. insulation resistence 2 earth loop impedence 3 continuity 4 polarity.

this test can take up to 40 min to complete and record.

i am then going to repeat this on the upstairs electrical ring circuit.

Once the testing is complete you can the turn the power back on sign the document and hand over the report and at this point this is when you are looking to get paid.

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