Expanding as an electrical contractor

As with all businesses the problem arises when you look to expand and take on more work. there is a few problems with this that you must over come. Firstly being an electrical contractor, basically an electrician working in the westend of glasgow for more than 10 years, i have found that i can pretty much keep myself busy with 2- 4 jobs daily during the week and 1-2 jobs at the weekend. Which in itself provides a great income for electricians but to take you electrical business to a new level you must have things in place, the idea similar to the chicken and the egg dance - which one comes first?

Well let me tell you, when you start up in business you do want to be able to get to the point where you are getting more work than you can actually manage to do, and it is at this stage you would consider taking on more staff. The difficulty comes when you hire the staff, are they the right person for the jon, in my case are they a good electricians, willl they be loyal to your business, will they try and steal from you, be it materials of even cash? you never know so it is essential that when the time comes to expand you make sure you find the best person for the job.

the main reason i would want to take on another electrician would be that i cannot be in two places at the one time, so here comes the next problem to overcome - new vehicles - i would need to offer my new electrician a van to do his work from, a mobile office if you will, and from this he will generate income for the business without you having to drive around with you new employee and also give him a sense of responsibility and freedom to get his work done with the boss breathing down that back of his neck.

with these two new additions to the business - new employee - new van the cost of running your small one man band electrical contractor business has just went through the roof and its at this point you start to doubt yourself or well i did, but that is the wrong thing to do as i will explain later in my blogg. i needed to find the extra exposure to find more work to keep now two electricians busy not just one, i now need to turn to advertising again which dosnt come cheap. But this is the only way for the cash circle to work. you need to spend money to make money but it usually works out a lot more than you were planning on spending, that being said it dosnt take away the fact that your business would be growing and your turnover with dramaticallly increase, but having that extra cash for that rainy day might come in handy.

hope you like what i have said and check out my website www.wesuk.co.uk

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