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Fuse Board Changing by Westend Glasgow Electricians
The electrical fuse board is the brain that controls all the wiring in your property with every circuit carrying electrical current in your building leading back to this one single place. Many properties are still operating on fuse boards and electrical wiring that were installed in the 1960s. These ageing installations are functional, but fall far short of modern safety standards. If your fuses keep breaking it could be that now is the time to think about changing your old fuse board for a modern one that offers better protection.
Westend Glasgow Electricians are a team of professional and qualified electricians operating all over west end glasgow, so, if you are looking for an electrician in Glasgow, Lambeth or Croydon for example, then we are perfectly placed to help. In addition to fuse board changes, our services cover anything electrical from simply adding an extra plug socket, to a full-scale rewire. Every job we do works to make the electrical circuitry in your property safer, and follows the strict guidelines laid down by the BS7671 Wiring Regulations (17th Amendment 1, 2011). Changing your fuse board is a significant step towards bringing electrical safety in your home closer to meeting these standards.
Modern fuse boards are fitted with RCDs, or Residual Current Devices, and MCBs, or Micro Circuit Breakers. These efficient devices are designed to detect faults in your circuits, and cut the current in an instant should anything unusual be identified. Significantly reducing the risk of electric shock and the sparks or overheating that can cause electrical fires, these modern circuit breakers offer great peace of mind.
Also known as a fuse box, consumer unit or consumer board, the fuse board in your property needs to be equipped to cope with the demands of modern household appliances. Taken together, things like fridges, electric kettles, washing machines and dishwashers are much more power-hungry than anything that was around when the old fuse boards were first installed. Your new fuse board will be fitted with sufficient breakers to cope with these elevated power demands within your property, with each circuit being protected more effectively than ever before.
Fuse board changing is a relatively straightforward task that can generally be done within a few hours depending on the number of circuits in your property, and the complexity of the wiring currently in place. The change can only legally be effected by a qualified electrician who is Part P registered.  It is necessary when changing a fuse board to ensure that the earth-bonding arrangements in your property meet current standards, and are upgraded if required. The fuse board replacement cost will vary according to your requirements, but is not as expensive as you may imagine, and it’s a small price to pay for your security.
At Westend glasgow Electricians we have been providing electrical services to domestic and commercial clients in South London for over 20 years. Customers looking for an Emergency Electrician in partick, a fuse board change in Bromley, or a new plug socket in glasgow know that engaging the services of our team of experts will deliver fast, efficient and professional results, every time.


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