Smoke Detector Installations Westend Glasgow


Friday afternoon is usually a quiet one maby for a trip to braehead or maby a game of gold with some business friends but not this friday. Today we had some smoke detectors to install for one of my clients. One the one hand i only had 5 smoke detectors hard wired and 1 co2 detector to install, but on the other hand i was doing this job on my own. At first look the job look as if it would be straight forward in and out as it was a top floor flat and that means i have access above the ceiling. If i only took 5 extra mins to have a look in the attic as it was not even double floored it was tripple floored for some strange reason meaning i cant just drill a whole from inside the flat and catch the cable in the attic, i would need to drill through the other 2 floors to catch the cable, so what has been a couple hour job, had turned into a 5 hour monster as i had no one to call at 1pm on a friday.
As a mark of quality we use kidde products as i feel they are the best and are standard for landlord installations. 5 of them on a loop with the co2 detector.
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