This couple should have gave W.E.S Electrical a call.....

Paisley couple forced to eat microwave Christmas dinner A FED-UP couple last night accused “bungling workmen” of wrecking their Christmas ...after being left with no cooker to prepare their festive meal. George and Sandra Cowan have told how their cooker has gone on the blink at the worst possible time – and they insist electricians who were sent in by council chiefs to rewire their home are to blame for Christmas being cancelled. The Paisley couple’s cooker has been out of action since workmen installed a new circuit board. It means turkey is off the menu this festive season...with George and Sandra having to make do with a microwave meal instead. Renfrewshire Council and contractors Waites Living Space both insist the problem lies with the cooker and have told the couple to get it fixed or buy a new one. But George said the cooker is only one year old and maintains it’s the electrics that are to blame. He told the Paisley Daily Express: “The council sent people in to rewire the house and the cooker had been working fine until they put in a new circuit board. Now it keeps tripping and cutting out. “How are we supposed to enjoy Christmas without a cooker? We’re going to have to sit here on Christmas Day with microwave dinners. “We can’t afford to get a new cooker or get this one fixed. We haven’t got a penny to our name.” George, 50, is a carer who looks after disabled Sandra, also 50, at their bungalow in Gallowhill and the couple claim the cooker calamity has left them stressed out. “Nobody is interested in our problem,” said George. “The people at Waites said it was nothing to do with them and the council insist my cooker is faulty. “It’s a nightmare for us. No-one is willing to take responsibility.” The renovation work at the couple’s home was carried out as part of Renfrewshire Council’s five-year push to bring all council housing stock up to the Scottish Housing Quality Standard. The £138million programme began in August last year and will see thousands of council tenants getting new kitchens, bathrooms and heating systems, as well as having their homes rewired and major upgrades carried out to roofs, gutters and downpipes. A Renfrewshire Council spokesperson said: “We have sent an electrician to Mr and Mrs Cowan’s home to test all their circuits and the cooker itself and have found that the fault lies with the cooker – not the circuits. “When homes are rewired, the circuits can become more sensitive and this means that, if an item such as a cooker is faulty, the new box will pick up on that. “We have explained this position to Mr and Mrs Cowan.” ........................................


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