injured while on the job

this just a quick blog, as i am currently bed ridden as i had knee surgery last wednesday at vale of leven hospital to cut away some cartiledge, but the main this is i am a small one man company the way things are these days in scotland that is how we can get by. when i was an apprentice there wer loads of bigger companies with 25 - 30 electricians on their books, but now it seems everyone works for themselfs in the trades. which is a good thing but the only problem is that im going to be out of work for around 10 weeks which is a lot of cash for a businss such as just caught in two minds wether or not to expand my business and create an office with a few electricians means i would still be working but from an office as i really dont know when i will be back to full fitness if you have any advice that would be greatly appreciated.


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