Hyndland road Rewire beofre xmas

hi there >SEO Wars: Dark Jedi - Bronze Lightsaber Badge this will be the last blog for a few days as we took on a last minute rewire in hyndland road in the westend of glasgow. 6 bedroom house - fully rewired 4 socket points per room and kitchen install, this is goiny be a crazy week but wee aim to have this done 5 days tops so looks like we will be working over the weekend....need to get christmas shopping aswell. we have a team of 3 electricians and one laborer on site just to get it moving rather swiftly, this job is for a client who has used us many times before for renovation projects and asked us to take on this rewire project. cable we will use 1.5mm t+e 2 core and 3 core and earth 2.5mm t+e 2 core and earth 4mm t+e 2 core and earth 6mm t+e 2 core and earth 10mm t+ 2 core and earth this client found us straight from an internet search for 'electricians westend glasgow' which is down to the hard seo work i do day in day out over the past 4 years aswell as my day job, i feel to be competitive you need to do seo, ideally if i had a bigger turnover i would employ someone to work in my office at seo and maby look to that next year. havr a great xmas www.weselectrical.co.uk


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