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Coming to the end of 2012 after a long year, and reflecting on how much things can change in business in a year, first off you would not believe a year ago how much of an importance blogging is and website 2.0 maintenance can have an effect on website traffic. But throughout this year i have learned more and more in regards to this and aim to put it all to goo use for W.E.S Electrical in 2013. Still working through the holidays but was in the westend Glasgow earlier today before a journey to Bearsden Glasgow. First job was to price up a job for the new year and second job was a shower installation in Bearsden. The shower install was the only real work i had on today as i dont usually count quoting for jobs as work. Firstly i have to inspect the shower to see if it was fixible or not, after removing the cover i noticed that the terminal cables on the shower side of the installation and they were burned.Futher testing with my electrical meter tells me that the element has shorted and most likely has caused the electrial burning. next i have to isolate the water,now finding the water isolation switch can be challenging , and this one certainly was, it was located somwhere in the attic, but noone in the house know which one, so up i went into the dark attic with my torch, to follow the pipe work. Luckly the plumber who installed the pipe was sensible and installed a isolation valve on it. so it turned out to be not to bad to find after climbing over some things in the attic. Next it was off to bnq to get a triton shower, and then back to fit the shower. the cable at the original installation was a 6mm2 twin and earth which limits me to what wattage of shower i can install, i chose to install the 8.5kw option. the triton shower goes on with no real issues and after connecting the pipe and the cable i turn the power and the water back on and the shower is now fully operational. Bearsden electricians westend glasgow electricians feel free to check out our website www.wesuk.co.uk


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