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Christmas 2014 has fast approached many of us this year and there is no better time to up grade an old tv set to a new energy efficient led number. with so many fantastic offers out the at the moment and possibly even better in the january sales you could pick yourself up a bargain and get it fitted on the wall for optimal visual experience, space saving and it just looks cooler on the wall than sitting on the stand.

we are an electrical installation company who over the years pioneered wall mounted tv installation from back in the day when sonos systems where wired and i had to deal with a mass amount of cables to supply and stream video and audio to individual rooms, now of course sonos systems are wireless and use wifi the connect to other devices.

As far as wall mounted tv installations go there are multiple options for what you can do with your installation as i tell all my customers you can get whatever you want done, the only issues are cost and how much disruption you are willing to take in you house until completion, apart from that the sky or the wall in the limit. (i have mounted on a ceiling but thats another matter) when we take on an installation for our customers, we mainly cover the west of scotland - (Glasgow renfrewshire ayrshire,) we do a site survey on what is possible, what you would like, and how much you are looking to spend on the installation products i.e hdmi quality / quantity, bracket type and finish.
once we have all the fundamentals arranges we pencil you in for a time and date and do the installation for you, it can usually take 2-3 hours to complete depending on what is getting installed.

we have 100% satisfaction for all our installations feel free to check out our website. wall mounted tv glasgow

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