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Electrical safety in Glasgow Working with electricity can be extremely dangerous, especially if you dont know the rules and are not confident about specifications. Hazards from working with electricity are: Electric shock and burns this can occur by pitiful alive wires and parts Injury from faulty appliances Electrical fires this can occur from faulty electrical equipment, appliances or installations Explosions - can be caused by improper electrical devices and gear Static electricity - can sparkle up flammable vapours or dusts Key points when working with electricity: Ensure socket outlets are not overloaded. Using unfused plugs and adaptors can random a ember Check that there are no cables, trim up loose and trailing wires so nation dont trip Turn off and unplug electrical appliances prior to cleaning Look out for electrical wires hanging from the ceiling, walls and along the floor. Check signs and risk warnings Wiring a plug Incorrectly can cause a fatal accident or incandescence If an instrument appears faulty, purpose using it immediately and unplug it If an electrical utensil is bought into the office, hired or borrowed, restrain it is suitable for custom and attain it inspected When working outside take observe that electricicty can blaze from overhead lines, do not travail underneath them and do not permit equipment to acquire common-fisted Following key points and rules with electricity can rescue lives. Never attempt to repair a faulty tool, rewire a plug or install lighting fixtures if you dont have the knowledge. Visit www.wesuk.co.uk to our electrical services. Tags: Electricians westend glasgow, electrician Glasgow, electricians, Glasgow


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