electricians in Clarkston Glasgow

today was another busy day in the wes electrical world, most of the day was spent the southside glasgow, in clarkston Glasgow. we have a rewire in a three bedroom house to be completed buy next thursday, but as of today we are well ahead of schedule and im looking foard to telling my customer that we should be finished up on monday. we basically have upstairs ring and lighting circuits to install and wire, and then put all face plates on including sockets and light switches. the main day will be on sunday when i will be connecting up the consumer unit, 10 way double rcd split board, and the testing also begins on sunday so looks like it will be a late one and maby look up some takeways in the Clarkston area. il update 2moro on how are getting on and hopfully no problems to report. www.wesuk.co.uk clarkston glasgow


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