working saturdays as an electrician

every now and again saturday work crops up,now for an electrician it can be very good or very bad dependent. today was no exception i had three booked in today all around glasgow and as we all know glasgow is football day and the traffic around the centre of glasgow is horrific at best. but i managed to get my van through the peak travel traffic to get to my first job. speaing of van i have to get new tax disc this week, so i need to dig out all my docs i hate this time of year hehe. anyway first job was a breeze then i was off to anniesland very close to the westend of glasgow where our office is based. i just had to give the customer a quotations which i did and got the work...great all guns blazing. next was to fault find why power was tripping in hyndland road. easy one for a man of my calibour. so roll on sunday shift cctv installation... excited. westend glasgow electricians 24 hour


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