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WES Electrical Westend Glasgow

Westend Glasgow Electricians employ three full-time electricians. Between them they have over 50 years experience in all aspects of electrical works including Domestic Housing, Commercial and Industrial. Each of our electricians are: Fully qualified to 17 th  edition Regulations Fully qualified to City and Guilds 2391 Inspection, Testing and Certification   At   Westend Glasgow Electricians   we have a well deserved reputation for being dependable, professional, reliable, and for carrying out all works to a high standard of quality at a very reasonable price . DOMESTIC HOUSING In order to give a top quality service we make sure to carry a stock of the most commonly requested items on our vans. This ensures that if the work we are asked to carry out is one of the most common things, for example changing a light fitting, or a light switch or socket, or adding additional sockets, we do not have to spend time going away to an electrical supplier to


FUSE BOARD CHANGING  call 01418405236 Westend glasgow electricians Fuse Board Changing by Westend Glasgow Electricians The electrical fuse board is the brain that controls all the wiring in your property with every circuit carrying electrical current in your building leading back to this one single place. Many properties are still operating on fuse boards and  electrical wiring  that were installed in the 1960s. These ageing installations are functional, but fall far short of modern safety standards. If your fuses keep breaking it could be that now is the time to think about changing your old fuse board for a modern one that offers better protection. Westend Glasgow Electricians  are a team of professional and qualified electricians operating all over west end glasgow , so, if you are looking for an   electrician in Glasgow , Lambeth or Croydon for example, then we are perfectly placed to help. In addition to fuse board changes, our services cover anything electrical fro


There are so many programmes and articles on how to D.I.Y and sometimes, it is easier to watch a YouTube video and have a go yourself. Some jobs however are better left to the professionals. Especially with electrics where you can be seriously harmed if something goes wrong. One of the biggest dangers of doing DIY electrical work is the electricity itself. We are so used to pressing buttons or flipping a switch we forget how powerful it can be. The slightest mistake like using the wrong tools, brushing a wire against another or forgetting to turn of the power, can lead to anything from electric burns to death. While you may be fine Googling how to change a fuse, it is always better to contact reliable and cost effective professionals like Westend Glasgow Electricians , to ensure no avoidable accidents occur. Professionals at Westend Glasgow Electricians know exactly how to test circuits and find out where problems are coming from. This can be more difficult in older houses wit