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Glasgow commonwealth Games 2014

Glasgow Commonwealth games - Electrical contracting As the Glasgow Commonwealth games fast approaches the city, construction has been booming in the east end of Glasgow . we have seen new building arise out of nowhere on land that has been previously derelict. W.e.s Electrical is on t=of the leading electrical contractors in Glasgow, they said they have seen there business grow 10 fold in the past 2 years mainly in the glasgow area for the build up to the games. Currently W.e.s Electrical are working in conjunction with Glasgow city council to build an athletes village close to parkhead and the new sir chris hoy vellodrome, which will accomodate the athletes every need for the duration of the commonwealth games. Afterwhich the flats will then be turned into residential flats to use for Glasgow city council . Exciting times ahead Director Iain Jamieson said " we are looking to employ another 6-8 electricians over the next 3 months just to keep up the demands of the ongoing

electrical rewire jordanhill westend glasgow

Monday afternoon went really well for us, as i personally secured a full rewire of 4 bedroom house in the westend glasgow , which is to start next monday. really happy with this one as there were several other electrical companys in for this one, we managed to get the job due to our professionalism, customer relations and price. thats one thing that can be hard when quoting for job is finding our where to go in with your price as there will be other electrical companys quoting for the same job. best thing to do is be as professional as you can be, get your time keeping right and give the clients as much information as possible.this way you are covering all based and therefore should be chosen by your customer, remember its not always down to price.i have won jobs even though i was was not the cheapest electrical contractor quoting. its all about attitude believe you can and you will. you need to learn from your mistakes and not to repeat them or you run the risk of loosing all

Electricians in Hyndland Westend Glasgow

By not following electrical regulations and ignoring safety advice , is responsible for many many deaths every year in the United Kingdom. This is why the Government have bought in more electrical regulations in the form of Part P in England . In March 2006 the Electrical Safety Council published some amazing figures. 42% of home owners stated they had never had their electrics checked. 32% of DIY enthusiasts said they had experienced electrical shocks while working on their homes. A staggering 59% of people do not use, or refer to a qualified electrician when doing electrical work. 35% of homeowners said their electrical installation were older than 20 years and had not had a period inspection by a qualified electrician . Electrical installations should be checked at least every 10 years. There are 12,500 electrical fires in homes across the UK every year so please pay attention to electrical regulations and stay safe. Advice on electrical safety for householders can be fou

electricians in Clarkston Glasgow

today was another busy day in the wes electrical world, most of the day was spent the southside glasgow , in clarkston Glasgow . we have a rewire in a three bedroom house to be completed buy next thursday, but as of today we are well ahead of schedule and im looking foard to telling my customer that we should be finished up on monday. we basically have upstairs ring and lighting circuits to install and wire, and then put all face plates on including sockets and light switches. the main day will be on sunday when i will be connecting up the consumer unit , 10 way double rcd split board, and the testing also begins on sunday so looks like it will be a late one and maby look up some takeways in the Clarkston area. il update 2moro on how are getting on and hopfully no problems to report. clarkston glasgow

Electrical saftey westend glasgow

Electrical safety in Glasgow Working with electricity can be extremely dangerous, especially if you dont know the rules and are not confident about specifications. Hazards from working with electricity are: Electric shock and burns this can occur by pitiful alive wires and parts Injury from faulty appliances Electrical fires this can occur from faulty electrical equipment, appliances or installations Explosions - can be caused by improper electrical devices and gear Static electricity - can sparkle up flammable vapours or dusts Key points when working with electricity: Ensure socket outlets are not overloaded. Using unfused plugs and adaptors can random a ember Check that there are no cables, trim up loose and trailing wires so nation dont trip Turn off and unplug electrical appliances prior to cleaning Look out for electrical wires hanging from the ceiling, walls and along the floor. Check signs and risk warnings Wiring a plug Incorrectly can cause a fatal accident

working saturdays as an electrician

every now and again saturday work crops up,now for an electrician it can be very good or very bad dependent. today was no exception i had three booked in today all around glasgow and as we all know glasgow is football day and the traffic around the centre of glasgow is horrific at best. but i managed to get my van through the peak travel traffic to get to my first job. speaing of van i have to get new tax disc this week, so i need to dig out all my docs i hate this time of year hehe. anyway first job was a breeze then i was off to anniesland very close to the westend of glasgow where our office is based. i just had to give the customer a quotations which i did and got the work...great all guns blazing. next was to fault find why power was tripping in hyndland road. easy one for a man of my calibour. so roll on sunday shift cctv installation ... excited. westend glasgow electricians 24 hour

ipod repair disaster

today was another busy day although i couldt do much as roads were blocked off in the westend which made travell a bit of a nightmare, i managed to get a lighting circuit installed and a shower fitted before calling it a day. im working over the weekend anyway so i thought i may aswell go back to the office in the westend glasgow and try and fix my apple ipod. now i ordered parts to come to my office in the westend and they arrived this morning, so got my ipod out and tarted taking it apart as i followed instructions on you tube all was going very easily until i had to attach the digitisers then it all went wrong i have spent nearly the whole afternoon on trying to reapait this and it still dosnt work. looks like santa will need to bring me a neww one for chrismas gutted westend glasgow electricians

end of a busy day.

this was one of these days that i thought would never end, i had a tv installation in the morning in bearsden and then a call out in the city centre of glasgow , and then finally on to the westend of glasgow for a cooker installation. got up at 8am slightly later than usual but still earlie enough to get in and get my scrambled egg without waiting in a long line. tv installation constisted of 50 inch tv bracket, power socket behind the tv an av port for the hdmi behind the tv down to where the units are being kept (which was in the corner) was straight foward job the hardest part was getting the tv level as the ceiling look off level but we got it looking smart then off to second job. periodic testing of the electrical installation , in the city centre glasgow which took 3 hours, its was a small office close to argyle street,i have to go back and do the pat testing at a later date....noted in the diary. finally heading to the westend glasgow cooking installation i think the le

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CALL US TODAY 0141 840 5236 WESTEND OF GLASGOW ELECTRICAL SERVICES EICR Certificates Glasgow Electricians Westend Glasgow,Electrical Services Hyndland, ELectricians in Partick,Periodic inspection Report Westend Glasgow, Glasgow, 24 hour emergency Electrician

monday electrical blog in glasgow

mondays are always a tough day to get myself going but eventually i did, several calls from the westend glasgow to start the day then a few more email quotations to reply to before i headed out our new office in partick in the westend of glasgow . straight into the van and to my horror i forgot to get fuel at the weekend so another 20 mins wasted in order to get filled up. then off to paisley for the first job of the day - to channel in an outside light up to a switch and put some new switchs on nothing to hard there,i was there for a couple of hours then job done. as im on a very strict diet as i am looking to get down to 12 stone i had some chicken for a quick snack before heading back to the westend for job no. 2. which entailed of stripping kitchen sockets off the wall and fault finding why there was no problem in the kitchen ring circuit but tbh this was an easy find there were loose cables at one of the sockets so after a tighten up they were back up and running. now 1pm

setting up in a new office

we have recently moved , as our main electrical work is in the westend glasgow , one of the main hurdles was keeping all our paper work need for recent jobs in one place i had a sleepless night worring about tenders and quotations that i may not have had on my desk top but thanks to my wonderful staff they managed to sort all this out. im looking foward to office life in the westend glasgow meaing i can nip out for lunch or a beer hehe. i will upload some pictures next time of our new office. wes electrical 01418405236

moving office to westend glasgow wes electrical

wes electrical has moved to the westend Glasgow feel free to contact us 01418405236