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Consumer Unit Replacements East renfrewshire

Changing a consumer unit Follow us on Facebook This article discusses the reasons why you may need to change or upgrade a  Consumer Unit  (CU) aka "Fuse Box", and covers the procedures to follow.  Contact WES ELECTRICAL 0141 840 5236 Hyndland electricians General Guidance Note that this represent major electrical work , and should not be attempted unless you are confident that you understand the technicalities involved, and can produce an adequate standard of workmanship.  You will also need access to specialist test equipment such as an earth loop impedance tester, and insulation resistance tester, a low ohms meter, and a RCD tester (or equivalent multifunction tester).  You should have access to a copy of the IEE on-site guide and a copy of the IEE Wiring regulations. Note that most of the work described here would be classed as a "notifiable work" under  Part P  of the building regulations. Additional Safety Advice When carrying