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The Best Way To Connect Recessed Downlights- Push Fit JCC 7Watt LEDs Westend Glasgow Electricians   I'm always keen to find easier ways to do various aspects of electrical work. As an electrician I've spent many hours terminating cables which often involves tightening screws and have generally thought that this was the best method for the job. Screw type terminals are 'tried and tested' and feature in most electrical accessories from dist boards to light switches, but now I'm coming across more and more light fittings which use push type connectors. I may be 'old school' but when I'm faced a push-fit electrical terminal I'm very wary of wether it is up to the job. I must say that Wago connectors are an exception. A quality product which I like to use, but generally most light fittings the push types are not good. I've too often had a cable pull out of the connection after only the slightest movement and sometimes I've discar

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Electrical ~ Tips for Staying Safe Wes Electrical services 24/7 emergency call out electricians westend glasgow . Benjamin Franklin studied electricity, and is quite famous even today for his kite and key experiment with lightning. We must always remember that Ben could have been seriously injured during that experiment. It is never a good idea to be careless with something as powerful as electrical energy! Electricity has the power to light lamps that help us see at night and fuel heaters that keep us warm in winter, but it is important not to get in electricity's way because it can harm you. Here are a few electrical safety tips to remember: Never play with electrical cords, wires, switches, or plugs. Stay away from fallen power lines. Tell an adult if you see a fallen line. Never use a hairdryer or play an electrical radio or television near a bathtub or sink. Before you climb a tree, look up. If a power line is nearby or touching, stay away from the tree.