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how to make mon£y the fast way

hi there just thot i would post as i have just made my first million pound sterling, i would kindly help out others who maby are quite there yet, i am 29 years old and started serious business when i was 24 so five years to make my first one heres hoping i can make a few more.i have over 15 people employed through my various companys based in glasgow. anyway feel free to look at some of my websites that have made me a millionaire in the uk, i am looking to travel to USA florida or california to start up businesses there. firstly im going to post my websites I am based in glasgow scotland, and my business have been run from a small office in Paisley, 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. USA 6. 7. 8. i have various other businesses but no need to post them as they are merley the same business with di

electricians in glasgow

wednesday night what a lovely day it has been today here in Glasgow , as i am a fully qualified electrician i was working as that today making a buck, great day for me 4 jobs and over £700 profit not bad 2moro and friday look the same wooohooo, sadly bad day for my shares in gulf keyston and rmp, i have nearly 20k invested hoping to at least double that by the summer. if you are looking for an electrician in glasgow feel free to give us a call and we will quote you 01418405236

electricians scotland

hi there havent posted for a while the econemy seems to have picked up here in Glasgow , as i have been non stop. dont get me wrong its a good thing i just wish it would be more evenly spread out over the year instead of just hitting with chunks of work here and there. but cant complain, got a busy day 2moro finishing off a electrical rewire in glasgow , then off to the westend to fit a consumer unit for a customer that looks like it is an emergency , but they wont be in there tonight and we have isolated the electricity for tonight untill i get the work done 2moro. well off to sleepys for me night all iain

electrical contracting glasgow scotland

Welcome to the website of SELECT – Scotland’s trade association for the electrical industry. Founded in 1900, SELECT is an independent and autonomous association representing the interests of Members, driving up industry standards, ensuring that work carried out by Member companies is of the highest quality and training the electricians of the future. This website is to give you the information you need about who we are and what we do. Please have a good look at what we offer.