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Electrical Boilers in Glasgow

What are electric boilers? Electric boilers are a method of heating hot water for your heating system using only electricity. A typical boiler uses gas to heat the water, whilst an electric boiler can be used in off-grid areas, or where a gas supply is either not wanted or not possible. This a new method of creating hot water and a new installation of the boiler unit would need to be carried out. Landlord Certificate ? You would initially need to carry out checks to see what electrical system you have in your property, This would involve an EICR report carried out on your property, if you are a landlord in Glasgow you would be used to this by way of yearly landlord certificates that you would require. As long as you have modern wiring, and unto date consumer unit / fuseboard the installation can go ahead without additional works required. Landlord Certificates Glasgow How do electric boilers work? The boiler itself is very simple. It can come in various shapes and forms, but typic