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Wall mounted tv installation Glasgow

wes electrical 01418405236 Christmas 2014 has fast approached many of us this year and there is no better time to up grade an old tv set to a new energy efficient led number. with so many fantastic offers out the at the moment and possibly even better in the january sales you could pick yourself up a bargain and get it fitted on the wall for optimal visual experience, space saving and it just looks cooler on the wall than sitting on the stand. we are an electrical installation company who over the years pioneered wall mounted tv installation from back in the day when sonos systems where wired and i had to deal with a mass amount of cables to supply and stream video and audio to individual rooms, now of course sonos systems are wireless and use wifi the connect to other devices. As far as wall mounted tv installations go there are multiple options for what you can do with your installation as i tell all my customers you can get whatever you want done, the only issues are co


Tips on installing CCTV to your home.  WES ELECTRICAL WESTEND GLASGOW The prospect of drilling a hole through the outside wall of your house to run the power and video cable for a camera may seem a big job. With a little forethought it can be quite simple.  Positioning of cameras Most people want to hide the camera as much as possible. The modern cctv camera can easily be located under or on the fascia/soffit boards where the roof meets the wall. When located here it is sheltered from wind and rain and can be shaded from most sunlight. The height of the camera gives a good area of view and minimizes the risk of vandalism.  Another advantage of this location is cabling. It is pretty easy to run the cables into the loft from this position. Many houses have a small ventilation gap between the roof tiles and the external wall, or a small hole may be drilled in the fascia board to gain access to the loft.  Cabling It is usually quite easy to pick up mains power in the loft or, if a


WES ELECTRICAL WESTEND GLASGOW  01418405236 follow us on Facebook Safe method of isolation. The recommended procedure for proving dead and safe isolation should be by use of a test lamp or two pole voltage detector as recommended in HSE Guidance Note GS38 regulations. Non-contact voltage indicators and multi-meters should not be used. The test instrument should be proved to be working on a known live source or proprietary proving unit before and after use. All phases of the supply and the neutral should be tested and proved dead before any work is commenced by a qualified electrician . Test sequence and descriptions of test procedures. The following tests are carried out with the main board /  Consumers main switch isolated 1. Extenal earth fault loop impedance (ohms) Reason: To establish that a good earth exists at the electrical installation in order for the remaining tests to go ahead. Method: Disconnect the main earthing conductor from the main earthing terminal at the main


FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK Almost every person responsible for Health and Safety In Glasgow , at the workplace has, at some point, had to consider how important the need for PAT testing is. Many people claim it’s a legal requirement – but is that a fact or a myth? As we know that Health and Safety is so important to employers – yet surrounded by so much confusion - we offer a 4-day comprehensive Health and Safety course which is accredited by IOSH (the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health). Of course, protecting your employees from harm is your number one priority – but there are lots of other benefits of Health and Safety training as well. Here are words from our trainer, Andrea, on the subject of PAT testing - and other Health and Safety myths. What are PAT Tests ? Portable Appliance Testing is simply a way of checking electrical items to ensure they don’t pose a danger Tested by a qualified person / electrician in Glasgow The Big Question - Do You Need PAT Testing