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Electricians Glasgow


Electricians 2013 Glasgow

Electricians Glasgow  west end   follow us on Facebook  This is the last blog of 2013 from WES Electrical , its been a fantastic year always learning year on year on how to deal with business, new situations that can arise, new customer we meet and new business relationships in Glasgow / clarkston / giffnock / newton mearns that we have made. Business is fantastic and hopfully going into 2013 we maintain the standard going forward. As per every start of a new year we work out an advertising budget going forward this year we are going to focus on paisley the westend of glasgow , and bearsden . with a busdget of around 2000£ p/m we aim to be pretty busy. As our goal is to take on a new electrician by february and a new apprentice for the start of june. We have updates to our websites electricians westend glasgow and to our electricians bearsden . over the festive period we have been busy with call to attend mostly domestic clients but it is difficult to get mater

Westend Glasgow Electrician

ELECTRICIANS EICR GLASGOW Coming to the end of 2012 after a long year, and reflecting on how much things can change in business in a year, first off you would not believe a year ago how much of an importance blogging is and website 2.0 maintenance can have an effect on website traffic. But throughout this year i have learned more and more in regards to this and aim to put it all to goo use for W.E.S Electrical in 2013. Still working through the holidays but was in the westend Glasgow earlier today before a journey to Bearsden Glasgow. First job was to price up a job for the new year and second job was a shower installation in Bearsden. The shower install was the only real work i had on today as i dont usually count quoting for jobs as work. Firstly i have to inspect the shower to see if it was fixible or not, after removing the cover i noticed that the terminal cables on the shower side of the installation and they were burned.Futher testing with my electrical meter tell

Hyndland road Rewire beofre xmas

hi there > this will be the last blog for a few days as we took on a last minute rewire in hyndland road in the westend of glasgow . 6 bedroom house - fully rewired 4 socket points per room and kitchen install, this is goiny be a crazy week but wee aim to have this done 5 days tops so looks like we will be working over the weekend....need to get christmas shopping aswell. we have a team of 3 electricians and one laborer on site just to get it moving rather swiftly, this job is for a client who has used us many times before for renovation projects and asked us to take on this rewire project. cable we will use 1.5mm t+e 2 core and 3 core and earth 2.5mm t+e 2 core and earth 4mm t+e 2 core and earth 6mm t+e 2 core and earth 10mm t+ 2 core and earth this client found us straight from an internet search for 'electricians westend glasgow' which is down to the hard seo work i do day in day out over the past 4 years aswell as my day job, i feel to be competitive you ne

Electrician in Clarkston

My new website is up and running finally. my site is and we are based in Clarkston in Glasgow . We have recently moved from the westend Glasgow to southside Glasgow - Clarkston , this is my 3rd website as i have moved over the years and look to keep my work as locally as i can. these are my top tips for electrical safety in the home 1. DON'T plug a bunch of stuff into one outlet or extension cord. It could damage the electrical system in your house or even cause a fire. 2. Make sure all electric cords are tucked away, neat and tidy. Pets might chew on electrical cords, and people might trip and fall. 3. DON'T ever climb the fence around an electrical substation. If a ball or pet gets inside the fence, ask a grown-up to call the electric company - they'll come and get it out for you. 4. DON'T yank an electrical cord from the wall. Pulling on a cord can damage the appliance, the plug or the outlet. 5. Fly your kite far away from po

Electric shower installations

ELECTRICIANS IN THE WESTEND OF GLASGOW There are Loads of things one can do to revamp their entire household and renovating the bathroom is no exception. People are becoming increasingly interested in products such as the Electric Showers and Power Showers that need an electrical supply, that can be a good addition to your bathroom. They make the experience of taking a shower way more comfortable with all the features to offer and their user friendliness and style aspect. If you have a fascination with spending quality leisure time in the shower everyday or if you are just there for a quick bath, these products can be helpful either ways. An Electric Shower does not only look impressive stylish and sleek, but it is definitely of equal use. It is a kind of shower device that heats its own water and does not need any external water supply for the same. It is a self sufficient system and can be fitted in any kind of property without much hassle. The electric shower comes with a hea

First week of December!

will be the first week of Decemeber , some people will say the first week of christmas, but i look at it as the first week of chaos in the electrica l contracting world. we have such a busy week coming up and most of it is last minute installations for customers getting ready for the festive season. this week we have a full rewire to complete in Paisley , we have testing of a sport center in allander bearsden, i have several meeting to attend in regards to testing this week which usually end up in immediate work, plus we have several other little jobs like shower installations and a few wall mounted tv installations to contend with. i do love being busy as it mean we are making money but sometimes especially when its cold you dont really want to do much. i will up date this during the week and let you know how our new electrician gets on we have him working around the westend in Glasgow , to give him an easy start since hes from anniesland