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Landlords (EICR) Electrical Testing (PIR)

Periodic Inspection Report (PIR) & Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK -  WES ELECTRICAL An Electrical Installation Condition Report (E.I.C.R.) previously known as a Periodic Inspection Report (P.I.R) is like a M.O.T for the mains power electrical installation and wiring of your property. Some properties are required by law to conduct an E.I.C.R. at set intervals, depending on the type of use and if the public have access. There is no obligation for private domestic properties which are not rented out to have a valid E.I.C.R . but many property owners employ the services of a qualified electrician to conduct an E.I.C.R. to be aware in what condition the installation is. A report is only issued once all the circuits have been visually inspected and electrically tested. If the installation is considered to be in a good condition and complies with the regulations a  ‘Satisfactory’  certificate is applied which gives the


wes electrical 01418405236 Testing Emergency Lighting Maintaining your emergency lighting units is important to ensure that lighting tubes are actually working and that the backup battery is capable to last the full duration required by the standards. The "responsible person" of a business or organisations ensures that the periodic checks are carried out and documented in a  fire safety logbook . Below we have provided an overview of the testing procedure to give an overview of the testing frequencies. Please note that when you  purchase emergency lighting  from Safelincs you will be offered to register for a free emergency lighting test reminder at the end of the checkout process. We will then email you to remind you when the tests are due.  To make the testing of your emergency lighting units quicker you can install  self-test emergency lighting . These units automatically replicate a power cut, checking their own circuitry and functionality and should a fault