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Electricians in Glasgow City center and Westend

electricains westend glasgow

electricians giffnock clarkston Glasgow

ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR WESTEND GLASGOW working the weekend usually is the ideal way to spend you saturdays, i would rather be attending some sporting occassion or heading to the cinema for some nachos and popcorn. But when rewires come up its important to have a rewire comeplete as soon as it is possible to do so. Wes electrical rewiring a 4 bedroom house in clarkston glasgow , it has took us 4 days to get it ready to test, which is the part of the job that can be most enjoyble but it also tells you any mistakes that have been make or other wise so you can understand that this is an important part of the job. firstly going to test the final ring circuit of the downstairs ring circuit, we have 10 sockets on this ring with no spurs off of it. Going to test 1. insulation resistence 2 earth loop impedence 3 continuity 4 polarity. this test can take up to 40 min to complete and record. i am then going to repeat this on the upstairs electrical ring circuit. Once the test

Beatroute Arts Glasgow

Today is one of my favourtie days as i get to do electrical testing and pat testing in a little place in Glasgow called beatroute arts. Beatroute arts is a community music center for the kids of barlonock Glasgow . Run by julie they provide music experiences to young people and is a very busy little venue. we have been providing electrical work for beatroute arts for the past few years. Electrical testing is an important part of running a public building you have to make sure that the electrical system, power and light is safe for everyone to work and play in. They have some fantastic stuff in here, a lot of it is too delicate to fully pat test like the computers and the electronic recording equipment. but i will do all the tests that i can without damaging the equipment. Glasgow

GKP Post 2012

I just attended the NY investor summit, so here’s a brief summary of what JG said. Presentation seemed to be same as for LSE last week but some very interesting snippets. Apologies in advance as a lot of scribbles (feel free to post on iii if of interest as trying to sort my login out there), and usual disclosures about information and how it should be treated  apply  (this is a brief summary only) - JG opened by saying this would be the ‘best story of the day’. He explained how the company had grown from almost $40m in value to nearly $4bn in a few years. - He gave the current figures for oil in all blocks and said there is PLENTY of upside left. He said that he believes current figures (for Shaikan in particular) are conservative. He later mentioned on 2 separate occasions they are confident Shaikan is full to spill and a figure of 18bn barrels is likely. - As heard before, they have tested all the good stuff and are now testing all the ‘bad stuff’ to see what is really there. He men

Gulf Keystone Petroleum Take Over

Very interesting times in Iraq at the moment, GKP court case coming to an end and looking positive for a good outcome and for our share price to relfecct on the assets we have. Then next few weeks we should really see some action with the aim listed Company, and the bulls take charge. the upward momentum looks strong and price rise looks imminent. The pipeline from Kurdistan to Turkey should nealy be complete also. DYOR 1200p + GKP Exciting Times Westend Glasgow

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2013 certainly looks to be an exciting year for Glasgow , next year Glasgow itself hosts the commonwealth games, which in itself is goig to be massive for the city of Glasgow. Mean-while in the westend of Glasgow a small company called WES Electrical works away at keeping Glasgow electrically safe. Since the turn of the year WES Electrical has seen a massive influx of new customers ranging from commercial customers in the retail sector to new private home owners and landlords. This has been the best start to a year (January) in our 8 year history so something has defiantly changed sentiment towards getting work done and new contracts being issued. Glasgow 2014 will be interested, the start of next year im sure we will see a rush of companies prepare for the games in many different ways. This is certainly good for the scottish econemy and i personally know of a few companies who have started apprenticeships on the back of contacts won. My hat goes off to these companies and it is di