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WES ELECTRICAL WESTEND GLASGOW  01418405236 follow us on Facebook Safe method of isolation. The recommended procedure for proving dead and safe isolation should be by use of a test lamp or two pole voltage detector as recommended in HSE Guidance Note GS38 regulations. Non-contact voltage indicators and multi-meters should not be used. The test instrument should be proved to be working on a known live source or proprietary proving unit before and after use. All phases of the supply and the neutral should be tested and proved dead before any work is commenced by a qualified electrician . Test sequence and descriptions of test procedures. The following tests are carried out with the main board /  Consumers main switch isolated 1. Extenal earth fault loop impedance (ohms) Reason: To establish that a good earth exists at the electrical installation in order for the remaining tests to go ahead. Method: Disconnect the main earthing conductor from the main earthing terminal at the main


FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK Almost every person responsible for Health and Safety In Glasgow , at the workplace has, at some point, had to consider how important the need for PAT testing is. Many people claim it’s a legal requirement – but is that a fact or a myth? As we know that Health and Safety is so important to employers – yet surrounded by so much confusion - we offer a 4-day comprehensive Health and Safety course which is accredited by IOSH (the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health). Of course, protecting your employees from harm is your number one priority – but there are lots of other benefits of Health and Safety training as well. Here are words from our trainer, Andrea, on the subject of PAT testing - and other Health and Safety myths. What are PAT Tests ? Portable Appliance Testing is simply a way of checking electrical items to ensure they don’t pose a danger Tested by a qualified person / electrician in Glasgow The Big Question - Do You Need PAT Testing

Smoke Detector Installations Westend Glasgow

                    SMOKE DETECTOR INSTALLATION   Friday afternoon is usually a quiet one maby for a trip to braehead or maby a game of gold with some business friends but not this friday. Today we had some smoke detectors to install for one of my clients. One the one hand i only had 5 smoke detectors hard wired and 1 co2 detector to install, but on the other hand i was doing this job on my own. At first look the job look as if it would be straight forward in and out as it was a top floor flat and that means i have access above the ceiling. If i only took 5 extra mins to have a look in the attic as it was not even double floored it was tripple floored for some strange reason meaning i cant just drill a whole from inside the flat and catch the cable in the attic, i would need to drill through the other 2 floors to catch the cable, so what has been a couple hour job, had turned into a 5 hour monster as i had no one to call at 1pm on a friday.   As a mark of quality we use kidde

LED Lighting In the home.

For most of my customers in Glasgow the issue of lighting is never a dull subject to discuss, with the advancement in LED technology, the dawn of the new more powerful and colourful led lamps is upon us. I can assure customers that if the purchase the led lamps i recommend for their lighting the would not notice much in a way of difference in light but a significant reduction in the cost of running their lighting in the home. The UK is in the top five nations in Europe for buying energy saving light bulbs, but lagging behind in the purchase of ‘next generation’ lighting such as LEDs. More testing, information and certification of the kind we’re involved in through the  PremiumLight scheme  should certainly help increase consumer confidence. But outside the domestic market, it seems companies do not need much extra convincing. Forbes grandly decreed  recently that  “LED retrofits are the ‘Trojan horse’ of the Internet of Things”  with the market for just sensors and applicatio