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Westend Glasgow maryhill road

tuesday is a big day for wes electrical, starting our first rewire of 2013. working from our new office based in the westend glasgow . the job is on maryhill road so its not far from our offfice we also have a new electricians starting today. exciting times.

Solar panels

Tasked with a mandate to source 50% of the energy required for its shore-based operations from renewable sources by 2020, the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) turned the construction of Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (BEQs) into another opportunity to advance on this goal. With excellent solar resources at Twentynine Palms, California, the USMC selected solar powe r for their Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center and enlisted Baker Electric Solar to  install  a 1.5 MW solar system. However, there was one stipulation: solar panels couldn’t be installed on any BEQ rooftop.   Up to the challenge, Baker Electric Solar turned an amphitheater, parking lot, and parking garage into dual-purpose solar systems. Due to space constraints, SunPower high-efficiency solar panels were chosen because they were the only commercially available panels that could meet the military’s energy requirements. Completing an estimated six-month project in only two months, Baker Electric Solar’s ingenuity, attention to a

Electric Cars 2013

Although electric cars are not really to do with being an electricians in the westend glasgow but i thought i would put some findings down for you to enjoy. With several new electric models due to be launched during 2013, and the Plug-in Car Grant still available, the next few years promise to be exciting ones for electric cars. Buying an electric car is now a real option as a number of major manufacturers launch high quality, fully electric models onto the UK market. Who should buy an electric car? There are three key issues that determine whether a battery electric car is right for you. Do you have access to off-street parking? Is your daily mileage under 100 miles? Are you looking to buy a new car? First, you need to have access to a garage, drive or other off-street parking area to be able to recharge an electric car overnight, the most common form of recharging method. Recent research suggests that around 80% of UK car-owning households already have access to

Happy new year westend Glasgow

Im sure that most of 2013 wont be all happy all of the time but as long as for the most part it is we wish you a happy new year! Westend glasgow electricians that is us and what we are about, so this year we plan to advertise more locally in the westend Glasgow 01418405236